Why Amazon is selling off its Prime service

When Amazon first announced it would be shutting down its Prime services, we had mixed feelings.Amazon Prime, the service where customers pay to stream movies, TV shows and music from Amazon Prime members, is the most popular Prime service on the planet.Amazon’s competitors, such as Apple and Netflix, were making significant moves to compete with […]

How to use a GoPro to film a Yeti promo video

We’ve all seen a Yetis.A yeti is a small creature that lives in the Amazon rainforest.It is a species of snake that has no jaws and uses its tail to pry open small trees to get at food.The Yeti has been seen in a number of movies, but its popularity has grown exponentially as people […]

Australian retailer to get a $30,000 discount on Apple’s new smartphone ikeas promo code

Apple has just unveiled its next-generation smartphone, the Apple Watch, with a new $30 price tag.The $1,199 Apple Watch is available for pre-order now, and the device will go on sale to the public on July 30, with Apple Pay supporting the payments system.ikeastore.com ikeamounting.com IKEA promotional code ikeaflg.com promotional code Apple Watch promotional code […]

How to get free Amazon Prime shipping in India

India’s top e-commerce firm has introduced a free Amazon service that lets you get free shipping to any country in the world.The Amazon Prime service launched on Sunday and is available for people in India who don’t already have Prime membership, according to Amazon India’s FAQ.The Prime service will also be available to eligible Prime […]

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