The ‘Fashion Revolution’ Is Coming to America, but it Won’t Be for You

The Fashion Revolution is coming to America—but not for everyone.

That’s according to a study from online fashion retailer Fashionista, which found that people from the Northeast are most likely to be wearing a jacket. 

The study, which polled 2,600 U.S. adults, found that those from the northeast were more likely to own a jacket than those from any other part of the country.

The Northeast, which has traditionally been dominated by a more conservative culture, is now seeing an influx of younger women looking to wear fashion accessories, such as hoodies, over their jeans.

“The Northeast has been a little more conservative than other parts of the nation,” said Dr. David Nevin, who co-authored the study with his wife, Dr. Rachel.

“I think the fashion trends are becoming more liberal, which is really exciting for us.”

The study also found that Northeasterners are the most likely people to wear clothing accessories like sweaters and hats over their dresses, but are also the most interested in wearing jackets.

“We’ve seen that the Northwest and the South are going to be more conservative, more conservative-leaning,” Nevin said.

According to Nevin and his team, there are some similarities between the fashion trend and the American political climate.

“This is something that is really driven by a lot of factors: It’s a little bit more of a reaction to what is happening politically right now, and it’s also something that people feel is the right thing to do,” he said.

“In many ways, it’s a lot like the American right-wing movement, which was a backlash to the civil rights movement, in that it was a reaction against the idea of what they see as progressive politics.”

“There’s a general feeling in this country right now that you don’t get to vote for your own president, and that’s certainly not the case in most parts of America,” Nederland said. 

Nederland added that the clothing trends in the Northeast reflect that sentiment, as well.

“It’s a way for people to express their identity, and they are really not in any way trying to hide it,” he explained.

“This is a very progressive and progressive-leaning region, and I think that the fashion is a reflection of that.”

Nederlands study found that the Northeast is also more likely than any other region to wear clothes with a hood, jacket, or skirt.

But there is some evidence to suggest that the trend is changing, with more women choosing to wear more casual outfits over coats and sweaters.

The Northeast also had the most women choosing a “modest” wardrobe in the survey, which included a jacket and a pair of jeans.

Women from the Southeast were the least likely to choose a hood or a skirt, with just 12% choosing a coat.

“If you look at the survey data, it seems like a lot more women are choosing a casual outfit and they’re also choosing jeans,” Nilsen said.

Nevin said the trend towards less formal outfits is part of a trend that is happening in other areas.

“Women are wearing more formal clothes, so it’s not just the Northeast.

I think this is a global trend, and the trend of less formal is definitely on the rise,” he added.”

There is this very big shift in how people dress, and women are really embracing that,” Nerners co-author Dr. Rebecca DeWitt said.”

The fashion trend is not necessarily going to make everyone feel the same, but women are taking it in a more casual direction.” 

DeWitt, a clinical professor of gender and women’s studies at the University of Pennsylvania, said there are a lot less women in the United States than ever before.

“One of the reasons why I think the clothing is so progressive is that women are still working on the same thing, and what they are doing is changing to fit that,” she said.

DeWatt, who has studied the fashion and fashion-forward trends of the past, said that women’s clothing trends have changed in recent years, but that she believes the trend in clothing is continuing.

“People are doing it for different reasons,” she explained. 

According to DeWerts research, there is a lot that women have to go through to be comfortable in a certain dress.

“Most people have to be really, really careful in choosing their dress to make sure it’s safe, because it’s very important to not get cut,” she told Newsweek.

DeWert said it’s important to look for options that work for you and your body.

“That’s really the way I think about what makes you comfortable, and if you are not comfortable with something, it might be because you don ‘t have options,” she added.

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