How to keep your brand brand fresh, Zulily says

ZULILY, the online marketing platform that has become a darling of social media influencers and brands looking to tap into the zeitgeist, is expanding its offerings to include its brand new “reimagined product” section.

The new section, called the “product section,” is an opportunity for brands to highlight and showcase their most popular products on the platform, ZULILE said in a blog post.

In addition to the product section, the company also has a new product category called “promo code.”

The “promotion code” category is designed for brands that want to get a boost in the sales cycle from getting a specific promo code to the more general use of the promo code.

ZULILY launched the new product section in the last week of September, and the company is planning to add it to all of its products in the next few weeks.

In an interview, ZILY chief executive John Zullo said the new section is a “huge improvement” over its existing product section.

“We’re going to see some of the most popular brands in our platform launch some of their newest products in that section,” Zullos said.

The “product code” section will also be available to brands that are looking to build a following with the new format, ZULLO said.

For example, brands that have a lot of active Instagram followers and influencers will see an opportunity to launch a product, and they’ll be able to share it on Instagram with a code.

“The idea is that brands can use this to promote products and engage with their followers,” ZULLOS said.

Zully’s product section is intended to help brands showcase their latest and greatest, but the company said it also hopes to help companies that have had product launches in the past with a way to highlight their product in the current market environment.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to get more of the brand into a place where we can help them launch products more effectively,” Zuliles product director, Adam Raskoff, said.

“If we can really help the brands get their product out there and be more of a fan base for the brand, then we’re really excited about that.”

ZULY said the revamped product section will be available in both the US and UK markets.

It will also include an option for brands with a “small” product portfolio to opt into the “large” product category, which will allow them to showcase products with a lot more reach.

ZULLOK said the launch of the new “product category” is “the best opportunity” for brands and their brands to get their products noticed, with ZULily’s product team “exploring all of the great ways to build an engagement channel around our products.”

“We see this as a big opportunity to really give brands a better opportunity to showcase their products on Instagram,” ZULILLY said. 

In addition to its product section and the “promotional code” option, Zulls “product marketing” team is also working on a “promotions” section, with the company saying it’s working to “build out the capabilities for more promotions” in the future.

Zullies “promoting team is committed to providing an ever-evolving product ecosystem, but it’s clear that we need to make a better choice of which products to showcase on Instagram to help the brand build the right relationship with their consumers,” ZOOLERS CEO said.

This is where the product department is likely to play a significant role in ZULILA’s marketing efforts.

Zoolily launched its own “product department” in March, which has the ability to create a wide variety of product and promotion categories and offer brands a variety of ways to promote their products.

ZOOLILY said it hopes to expand the “revisionist” section to include more “brand specific” categories and products.

“To better align with our users, we’re introducing a ‘revisionism’ section in which we’re going for something more specific to our brand,” ZOLY said in the blog post announcing the overhaul.

“There’s going to be more product categories, there’s going a ‘new product’ section, and there will also likely be a ‘brand’ section that highlights our brand in a more direct way.”

In addition, ZOLILY is introducing “brand discovery” to its brand discovery platform.

This feature will be able “to create an organic recommendation engine that will take product recommendations and show them in a natural way on Instagram and to other platforms,” Zoolies VP of product development, Mark Schreiber, said in an interview.

“This is going to help us really create more natural conversations and a sense of authenticity on Instagram.”

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