What To Do When Your Ex Is A Cheating Partner

New York City has been the hub of the Internet-fueled affair of cheating for years.

Here are five things you should know to avoid being caught in the act.


When to Call It a “Coverage Crisis” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio have been the most vocal advocates for a crackdown on online cheating, especially in the New York area.

In a joint statement released in June, they called for “tougher penalties for those who are violating the trust of our neighbors and friends” and “tough new reporting requirements for those engaged in illegal activity.”

That includes “a prohibition on anonymous, targeted or malicious cyberbullying,” and a ban on “the use of false identity or fake social media accounts to deceive others.”

The two also called for more “enforcement of the law to ensure that all victims of online harassment are afforded the opportunity to get the support they need, and that online predators are held accountable.”

Schneiderman also suggested that the city “ensure that the reporting system is updated and improved to include data that helps law enforcement and other authorities better understand how these crimes are committed, how they are carried out, and how they affect the victims,” and that the department “will work with state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies to develop new rules and guidelines to improve reporting, prevention, and response.”

In October, de Blasio tweeted that he’s been “calling for a nationwide crackdown on cheating” and that “when I get to Washington, I will be working with the Congress to pass new laws to protect the public from cyberbullies and to make sure the Internet never again becomes a place where people are duped.”

The attorney general and mayor have also been vocal about cracking down on online harassment, including “mandatory reporting for harassment, cyberbullied, and stalking.”

In a statement, the New Jersey attorney general said he’s “worried that these cyberbulling and harassment laws are not effective,” and called on the government to “ensur[e] a better reporting system to prevent online abuse.”


When and How to Report Online Cheating In the wake of the New Year’s Eve terror attacks, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he believes the New Yorker’s mayor and city attorney “should be working together to put the law in place that will prevent cyberbulls and other online predators from continuing their criminal activity.”

In his November 1 letter to de Blasio, Kelly wrote that “these cyberbullings have already cost thousands of lives and injured tens of thousands of others.”

And he said he and the NYPD are “in discussions” with other jurisdictions to enact laws that “would make it illegal for cyberbullers and other predators to post threatening or offensive messages to others, even if they are not the intended targets of the messages.”

He noted that the NYPD already has a “Cyberbulling Awareness Training Manual” and is working with law enforcement to develop a “cyberbullying prevention strategy.”


How to Protect Yourself When Online Cheaters Cheat The New York Times’ Sarah Fricke recently wrote that, “the New York State Attorney General’s office says it has received more than 30 reports of online cyberbullaging since January.”

The office also says it received “thousands of reports” from across the country, with the majority of the reports coming from New York.

According to Frickel, the office has received over a thousand reports from New Yorkers who “came forward to say they’ve been cyberbulled online and threatened with retaliation.”

According to the Times, the state’s attorney general’s office “sought to limit the amount of information that law enforcement can share with victims of cyberbullery,” and the state said that “it would not share personal identifying information about victims of abuse online.”

According the Times: A New York state representative said the Attorney General wants to use the data shared with victims to help the city get to the bottom of what happened.

A representative for the Attorney Generals office said they’re not interested in disclosing information about the victims, but will use it to help develop “a plan to prevent this kind of abuse in the future.”

Frickes noted that New York already has laws on the books that “require online platforms to report the types of online bullying they receive.”


How To Report Online Harassment and Cyberbullying The New Yorker has launched a website called Cyberbullies Are Not Welcome at All (Cantstop.org), which will be a hub for reporting online harassment and cyberbulliness.

The website has a checklist of things that can be done to protect yourself, and the site also has a handy guide for dealing with a “bounty hunter,” “creepy stranger,” or “online bully.”

But as Fricoke wrote, the site is not designed to help people “deal with real life” threats: “The goal of this website is to empower the New

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