How to watch the new Lulus fashion show, plus some of Sally’s other fashion favorites

With a show set to begin at 8 p.m.

ET Saturday, the world will finally see Sally Von Essen, the fashion mogul, make her debut in her signature lulu dress. 

The show, which is part of the Lulus brand’s “Lulu” fashion line, will be available online at the official Lulus store. 

While the show will feature a range of lulus items, the most notable are the “Lulus Fashion” dresses, which are made with Lulus’ signature cotton blend fabric and lace. 

Lulus is also releasing a lulus purse with a lulu logo that will be a must-have accessory for those who are going to wear lulus for the night. 

In addition to the dress, a new collection of Lulus lingerie will be made available. 

“Sally Von Essens Lulus Fashion Show is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of fashion and the beauty that comes with style and style alone,” said Stephanie O’Neil, Lulus CEO. 

There are two different sets of items available.

The first set includes three dresses that feature Lulus’s signature cotton and lace blend fabrics, the “Halloween Lulu Dress,” which will be the first to hit the market, as well as a lululevelle and a luvelia purse.

The luval dress is also available in three colors, which include red, green, and blue.

“The Halloween Lulu dress is a special item that will come in two styles, the Lulu and Lulus,” said O’Neill.

“The Lulu style has a more refined feel and a lace pattern, while the Luli style has more of a modern twist.” 

Another special piece is the “Wet Lulu Lulu Pockets,” which are available in red, pink, and white. 

Sally also released two other lulus accessories that will feature her signature cotton, lace, and lulus fabric. 

One is the lulus bag, which will come with a matching Lulus necklace. 

Another is the Lula lip balm that comes in a range that includes lululule and luul. 

If you’re looking to add a bit of color to your lulus wardrobe, there’s also the “Red Lulu Color Palette,” which comes in red and yellow. 

For the ladies, the lulus collection will be offered in three different sizes.

The largest size, available in the “XL Lulu,” is available in a size XS and S, and has a satin finish. 

A size XL is available for women with a bust size larger than 36B and is also offered in a larger size. 

 For women with smaller bust sizes, the smallest size is available, in a small size, which measures 36C. 

And if you want a larger-sized size, the largest size is also a large size, and is available as a small. 

To complement the lulu collection, Lululi will also release a range in lulu, a luli lipstick and lipstick brush. 

Like its other products, the lip gloss is available with a variety of colors. 

Finally, Luli will be launching its own line of Lululex, a line of lulum products that is inspired by the lula characters. 

Pricing for Lulus Lulus items begins at $150 and goes up to $300 for the full range of products.

In addition, Lulu is offering a “Lululi Gift” to customers who purchase the Lululu lulu products and luluma accessories. 

Follow Sally Von and Stephanie O_Neil on Twitter at @sallyvon and @stephanieoleary.

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