How to watch the new Netflix original series ‘The Last Kingdom’ on the web

Netflix has released the first trailer for its new original series The Last Kingdom.

In the show, the title character is a member of the ancient royal guard known as the Blue Knights.

The trailer for the series, which debuted on Netflix in March, opens with the character, now known as Lord Zolken, as he sits at a table in a dark, quiet bar.

A camera pans to show him speaking in an unknown language to his friends, who are all seated around him.

“You’re my people, my people,” Lord Zoltan tells the group.

“Your people, your people are the ones that will survive the end of this world.

The ones that are going to take the last throne of the realm and reign forever.

The last kingdom.

I am your king.”

It then cuts to the final scene of the series where the characters are seen walking through a field, where a young girl named Zulie, with a large red crown, is being chased by an enormous snake.

The Last Kingdoms was a series of books written by bestselling author Robert Jordan and published in 2002.

In it, the characters were sent to an ancient kingdom that was ruled by a king named Gwen, a powerful sorceress, and a group of humans known as “the Guardians of the Last Kingdom.”

The Last Kings first book was released in 2003, followed by a sequel in 2006 and a follow-up in 2008.

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