Which of these fashion icons is most likely to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone?

If you want to get a little creative and make your own style statement this winter, consider this fashionista-turned-fashion-star, who will be featured in a special issue of National Geographic.

The story of this woman and her life-long quest to wear a full-length gown is a story of a woman who always wanted to be different and to look different.

This week, we look at her work and the importance of fashion as an inclusive force for positive change.

—Amber AvilaAs an athlete, Avilas goal is to get to the Olympics in 2020.

When she’s not racing, she’s teaching herself to sew and teaching her students how to be better consumers of her work.

In this special issue, we’ll take a closer look at Aviles work and look at the stories behind her work, including how she was able to earn a full scholarship to join the fashion industry.

—Gina AvilanAs a fashion designer, Gina Avilans work spans the breadth of the fashion world, from runway shows to runway shows, to her fashion line.

Her work has been featured on Vogue, Vogue Europe, Vue, and the New York Times Best of 2017, and has garnered her recognition and awards for her work with brands like Burberry and Valentino.

—Sarah RansomFor years, Sarah Ransom has been known for her incredible runway shows.

She has appeared on numerous television shows and has had her work featured on fashion shows like The Fashion Revolution and WOW Magazine.

Her runway shows are designed to showcase her unique style and she has even had a line of clothing made specifically for her.

Sarah has been working with her family to launch her first line of shoes, called the Ransom Shoe, in 2019.

—Mikaela DaughertyIn 2017, Mikaela started a new line of high-end shoes called Mikaelas shoes.

Her company, Mikals Shoes, specializes in shoes that are made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The shoes are handmade using handcrafted materials, with the goal of creating a quality, timeless, and fashionable pair of shoes.

The line is currently sold out, but Mikaels shoes are on their way.

—Alexa NollWhen she first started her career as an actor, it was hard to keep track of what movies she was in and which roles she was involved in.

She started by making short films that she then shared with her peers, and eventually, she was sharing her work on social media.

Nowadays, Alexa is well-known as a producer for television shows like Game of Thrones, The Bachelor, and American Idol, and she is known for working with the likes of Justin Timberlake, J. Cole, and Justin Timberland.

—Jessica AlbaIn 2018, Jessica Alba was diagnosed with cancer, but she’s never given up on her dream of becoming a fashion icon.

She recently starred in the series Glee, which also featured her as an aspiring fashion designer.

In 2017, Jessica was featured on the cover of Vogue with her signature eye-catching dress.

This season, Jessica is starring in the upcoming season of House of Cards as a fashion consultant.

—Lauren BacallLauren is a New York City fashion and fashion-related entrepreneur.

She founded her own fashion company in 2013, with designs inspired by her own love of fashion.

Lauren is known as the designer behind the likes, the New Balance “Havana” sneaker and the H&M “Dress of the Season.”

She has been nominated for multiple awards, including Best New York Designer in 2018.

—Kelli BrackleyIn 2016, Kelli Brckley was diagnosed in June with Stage 4 breast cancer.

She had been living in Los Angeles with her husband for more than a year, but was still unable to see her family.

The cancer took her life in November.

Her final wish was to travel the world, and to become an icon of fashion and creativity.

Kelli started her own business in 2017, the brand, Kettle & Co., was launched in collaboration with her brother, Ben, who also serves as a consultant.

Kettle is a full service clothing brand and offers women the latest and greatest in contemporary, high-fashion apparel.

Kettles first collection of clothing is the “Gangsta” collection, and is available online, at the Kettle Shop, and through her own Kettle.com store.

—Shelley ChenThe actress, actress, and model has been starring in films like The Expendables 3, American Hustle, and Mission Impossible III.

She also appeared on the series Shark Tank, and appeared on Ellen.

She’s currently in the middle of filming a movie, called Love and Death, for which she has received a Golden Globe nomination.

—Tasha CyrusA veteran journalist and journalist who has covered many news and entertainment stories

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