Which UK school is the best?

UK school rankings are in the news, but this time, we’re looking at schools in Scotland.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the best places to study.1.

Stirling College1.7m pupilsStirling College is home to the first British college in the United States, and is also one of the world’s largest private schools.

It was founded in 1773, and boasts more than 6,000 students.2.

Abertay College1m pupils Abertai College is the largest and oldest independent Christian university in Scotland, with more than 9,000 pupils.3.

University College London1.6m pupilsUniversity College London, or UCL, has more than 4,000 academic students and offers over 10,000 undergraduate degrees.4.

King’s College, Cambridge1.5m pupilsKing’s College is a Christian institution, and has an impressive alumni list with more 20,000 graduates from more than 30 different countries.5.

Edinburgh University1.4m pupilsEdinburgh University, known for its rigorous undergraduate degree programme, is the oldest independent Scottish university.6.

St Andrews University1m studentsSt Andrews University is a prestigious liberal arts university located in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh.

Its alumni include the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton.7.

Loughborough University1 million pupilsLoughborough is home of the University of Glasgow, which is the fourth-largest university in the UK.8.

University of Edinburgh1.1m childrenThe university is the world-famous “home of the modern British philosopher” and home to some of Scotland’s finest artists.9.

Edinburgh Royal Institute of Technology1m teachersThe University of Dundee is a private university, and the world renowned research university.10.

Edinburgh School of Art1m adultsThe school’s graduates are among Scotland’s best in the world, including former world football player David Beckham, actress Meryl Streep and actor Kevin Spacey.11.

University at the University College Dublin1.3m pupilsThe largest private university in Ireland, it offers more than 1,000 courses and is ranked number one in the European Union by UCL.12.

Queen Mary University of London1m schoolchildrenQueen Mary University has one of Europe’s largest and most diverse student bodies.13.

Queen’s University of Belfast1m graduatesQueen’s University has more alumni than anywhere else in the US, and it is the UK’s oldest private university.14.

University Victoria1.2m pupilsA University of Melbourne student, Victoria College, is home only to just over 100 students.

It’s also home to Queen’s and University of Victoria.15.

University University of the West Indies1.0m pupilsUW-Indias is the only school in the Caribbean to offer its graduates in the U.S. an education free of charge.16.

St Mary’s College1 million graduatesSt Mary’s has more students than any other school in Scotland and is one of only two schools in the country to offer a full-time graduate degree.17.

Glasgow Caledonian College1million pupilsThe Glasgow CalEDONICS (School of Computing) is home for a range of engineering, science and technology courses, including engineering computing.18.

Edinburgh Caledonics1.9m pupilsOne of Scotland the UKs most prestigious universities, the CalEDONS has more engineering and maths graduates than any university in Europe.19.

Edinburgh City University1million studentsThe University has an excellent graduate programme with over 30,000 graduate students.20.

St John’s University1,000 teachersOne of the oldest and largest colleges in the Scottish capital, the St Johns boasts more staff than any college in Britain.21.

Glasgow City University2,000 schoolchildrenThe city’s schools have a range and breadth of disciplines, including mathematics and engineering, and have over 4,200 graduates.22.

University Park 1.6 million pupilsUniversity Park is home not only to the world famous University of Manchester, but also to the Royal College of Music.23.

Queen Elizabeth University of Scotland1.8 million pupilsQueen Elizabeth University, also known as Queen’s, has a reputation for outstanding teaching and research.24.

University Dundee1 million adultsQueen’s is the most prestigious Scottish institution and has more people in Scotland than any British institution.25.

Edinburgh International School of Law1.75 million pupilsLaw students in Edinburgh International Schools are well-represented at the top end of the law profession, with over 1,300 graduates.26.

Glasgow School of Economics1.65 million pupilsA leading law school in England, Glasgow School is home most of its graduates to the University, where they work in the University’s law department.27.

University Edinburgh1 million studentsThe university has more law graduates than anywhere in Britain, and in 2017, the Queen’s graduates topped the list of best

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